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In 2016, I was entertaining a wedding where the bride and groom had very simple tastes. They choose to not participate in 90% of the events I suggested to them during our planning meetings. The two events they chose to include were a fun kissing game during dinner and they also had me teach a line dance later on in the evening. Nothing else. No garter dance-off, no dollar dance, barely a first dance, no father/daughter or mother/son dance, no shoe game, no cake cutting. Zip. Ziltch. Nada.

At the end of the social hour, I was ready to go and cruise through their grand march. Since the bride and groom were so laid back, I was expecting their family and friends to be the same, but boy was I wrong! The crowd was nuts the entire night! There were all so excited to celebrate the joining of these two individuals and all I had was one game to entertain them the entire night. This kissing game normally lasts all throughout dinner, but these families couldn’t get enough of the game and busted through it in ten minutes.

Then nothing. That’s right, I had no other games to entertain the guests. I taught the line dance later, then just music for four hours straight. That’s what the couple wanted and I gave them just that. It was one of the most miserable nights I have ever worked. With such a fun crowd, I knew I could do so much more to keep them engaged, yet I respected the couple’s wishes and continued to only play music the rest of the night.

I mention this story to enlighten newly engaged couples of one simple fact. When a DJ says engagement, I define that as what type of fun games and entertainment we do to keep you guests interested and involved until the end of your reception.

Engagement doesn’t mean having you both active in every single event, which was the understanding of this past couple. It’s more about having a balance of events where we have you involved and some other events that you get to watch and enjoy! Let’s get your guests off their cell phones and have them pay attention to what is going on in the room. Wake them up and give them a reason to stay until the final song. This is why we are here today!

There is a flip side of engagement too. You can’t do too little but you can’t be involved in every event either! As a groom, it would get on my nerves to be constantly pulled away from a conversation with a relative to do an event when I just left a game two minutes ago. There needs to be a balance and a great DJ will discover that perfect equilibrium during any planning meetings.

You will be surprised at all the types of fun games and events we can do to entertain your guests. During our planning meetings, I ask you about every single idea of entertainment and even when you say “no” to an event, I ask you why. This gives me more insight into who you are as individuals and as a couple. I will never EVER force you to do an event, but a true professional DJ will ask you why in order to continue to build trust in the professional relationship we develop while planning your perfect reception.