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I get it. I really do.

For the past seven years, the number one question I always get asked from a newly engaged couple is: “What are your prices?”

Having been engaged in 2014 and married in 2015, I truly get why most brides and grooms ask this question. To help better understand this topic, let’s look at it from their perspective.

Engaged couples have never hired a photographer, videographer, DJ, bakery or any other type of wedding vendor before. Therefore, most of you reading this will attend an appointment with only one question in mind… Price.

Most couples and their decision makers (others helping finance their wedding, like parents) will make a judgement call on the quality of a product or service all depending on price. Then you focus on what is most important to you and prioritize those vendors over than others. This is how most couples set their wedding budget.

My company is located in the Fargo/Moorhead area and I know some DJ companies that will charge $500 to entertain a wedding. I know other companies in the Minneapolis area that charge over $5,000 to do what most couples perceive as the ‘exact same thing’.

It’s true that in our industry, there are similar games and processes that DJs will use to help keep guests on their toes. Some packages Include a photobooth, while others offer you wedding coordination like reception timelines for your family. Some offer dance lessons and others offer just music! In my personal opinion, it almost seems like most companies only care about giving couples ‘stuff’ to justify their prices.

So, ask yourselves this: when a DJ puts together a surprise voiceover that results in the bride shedding happy tears during the father/daughter dance and fifteen people around the dance floor watching this moment start tearing up…

How much does that cost?

What would you be willing to invest if these moments could happen to you?

Hahaha, I’m glad I have you thinking now.

You should make the decision to book a DJ company not by price, but by asking questions about the person who is selling the service.

For example, ask:

  • “Are you going to be our DJ, and if not can we meet the individual that will be our entertainer?”
  • “What is your past experiences and may I email or call some of your past clients for testimonials?”
  • “Can you give me examples of situations you have made the couple’s night?”
  • “Do you love your job?! If yes, what about DJ-ing do you love the most?”

I never sell ‘stuff’ at my consultations. I sell an experience. I offer a memory. I have couples invest in me to help them create a reception that their family and friends will remember and comment on how awesome that night was at every holiday and get together for years to come.

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